Zach is a Marine Corps veteran, the grandson of a coal miner, a working-class Democrat, a father, and a proud West Virginian. As a Marine, he proudly lived by the values of honor, courage and commitment — and he still does today. After serving his country, Zach returned home to West Virginia to take care of his grandmother and began organizing in local communities. Zach has orchestrated flood relief drives, fed the houseless, participated in harm reduction training, rallied for affordable accessible healthcare, mobilized West Virginians to stand up to the harmful extractive industry and worked as a climate  justice organizer for a progressive veterans organization. Today, he is fighting the greatest battle of his life—as a candidate for the U.S. Senate.

West Virginians always deserved better than they got in Joe Manchin (D-WV), notorious for undermining President Biden’s legislative agenda at every turn, denying Americans a $15 minimum wage, and tanking the bill that would have protected the rights to abortion after the Dobbs decision. With Senator Manchin announcing his retirement, Zach is the only candidate with popular support who can protect the seat and ensure Democrats retain a majority in the Senate.

Zach is unapologetic about his support for people-first policies, human rights for all, and his determination to serve not only West Virginians but all people who made this country their home with integrity and respect and without the influence of corporate interests.