Catch Fire supports progressive policies by enabling working folks from marginalized backgrounds — women, immigrants, the BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities — to pursue civic engagement and by shaping the public narrative through art and creative storytelling.

Participating in activities that lead to progress in our communities requires time. 

Developing knowledge, skills, infrastructure and even motivation is too often out of reach for working people exhausted by juggling multiple gigs to make ends meet. As a result, policies on local, state and national levels are then shaped by corporate and political elites who developed an entire ecosystem of organizations keeping progressive working people away from power.

  • Through personal grants, we provide financial support to those who dedicate their lives  to civic engagement in all its forms — including volunteering and pursuing public service.
  • Through art and creative storytelling, we educate about the challenges progressive working people face when they pursue political power and about public policies that center justice, economic prosperity for all, a healthy planet, and human rights.
  • Through community building, coaching and peer-to-peer mentoring, we build professional skills, resilience, and capacity to advance progressive policies and power.
  • Through open source tools, checklists, tips and reviews, we publish practical and actionable (but not legal) guidance on how to run an effective campaign.