Stop the Pay Cuts: Protect Local Control over Wages in Arizona

In 2016, in Flagstaff, voters passed a local minimum wage initiative.

In 2018, voters defended it against the Chamber of Commerce-orchestrated attempt to repeal it.

In 2020, Tucson voters passed their local minimum wage initiative.

On 2/23/2020, Republicans in AZ State House passed a bill that would refer to voters an amendment to the Constitution preempting cities and citizen initiatives from regulating wages and non-wage benefits.

If approved, that would undo Flagstaff’s (and Tucson’s) local minimum wage and enable employers to cut wages and pay their workers only at the state-level rate.

We believe voters in Arizona are smarter than voting to give up a local control, but we still have to get ready to engage in a costly state-wide campaign.

Join our efforts.